Free English to Sinhala Dictionary for Mobile

Posted by Thushara Indika on 06:19 AM, 23-Jun-09

Sri Lanka`s first English-Sinhala Dictionary for mobile devices will be available for free download soon. The software can be run on any Java compatible mobile phone or PDA smart devices as it use MIDP 1.0. It contains more than 15000 words. It`s nevigation is very easy and uesr interface and functioning is kept to simple for better compatibility with many devices. At the first interface, you have to type the word you need to search and press `Find`. If the word found it`ll display on second screen, else you`ll alert. It don`t need to connect to the internet as its database is local. Demo version will be availabe soon to download(please regularly check this site for download link) and all these versions are totally free of charge.

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57 responses to "Free English to Sinhala Dictionary for Mobile"

tharangi on 10:21 AM, 25-Jun-09

how much space does it take? i really want such a utility in my phone! add download link!

KASUN on 10:06 PM, 22-Jul-09


kali on 12:36 AM, 10-Aug-09

Is it work on china mobile

Thushara.mywapblog on 06:36 PM, 12-Aug-09

Its (beta ver.) about 40000bytes and works any Java enabled mobile. Tested in China TCL mobiles and Nokia.

Danikala on 04:32 PM, 19-Aug-09

i dont no that . plz tell me .

Danikala on 04:34 PM, 19-Aug-09

i really dont know how to download that. plz tell me

thushara.mywapblog on 03:53 PM, 01-Sep-09

still it's under construction and will release soon. I will post Download link as a comment in this post as well as a seperate post in this blog! smile

tharindu kavinda on 06:11 PM, 08-Oct-09

it is very good apps

Leetus on 07:16 PM, 08-Oct-09

i dont know dowunload this english sinhala dictionary .plz downlod system display to me...

Ven, Sumedha on 08:59 AM, 27-Oct-09

It is highly appreciative job and it would definitely be a thousands of people's dream come true. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED.

Amithamal on 08:28 PM, 28-Oct-09

Nice but where is it?

Leshan on 10:11 PM, 03-Nov-09

This is the best dictionary

lahiru on 07:42 AM, 13-Dec-09


Luck on 09:57 PM, 30-Dec-09


Ramesh on 02:53 PM, 17-Feb-10


wimala on 08:46 AM, 27-Mar-10

K@SUN on 09:28 AM, 30-Mar-10

Very nice

Chathura on 05:35 PM, 07-Jun-10

Very nice

Charles on 01:15 AM, 27-Jul-10


Thilina on 03:24 PM, 11-Aug-10

Very nice

vimukthi on 07:34 AM, 31-Aug-10

very nice

kasun on 06:23 AM, 23-Sep-10


Ruchira on 07:38 AM, 24-Sep-10

Vary nice 0728800698

RKSK Ekanayaka on 09:40 AM, 02-Oct-10

now all of you can download it from [url=][/url]

viraj on 05:14 PM, 10-Oct-10

This is the best dictionary

RKSK Ekanayaka on 01:27 PM, 15-Oct-10

nirmal on 02:35 AM, 15-Nov-10

english to english

Nuwan Rajitha on 05:59 PM, 19-Nov-10

Very hot

am on 05:46 PM, 22-Nov-10


Niranjan on 04:31 AM, 12-Dec-10


PANKAJ THAKUR on 02:47 PM, 19-Dec-10

How to download dict. And eng.SPEAKING COURSE

Priyankara on 03:16 AM, 23-Dec-10

Hoday ela kiri

thushara on 05:39 PM, 23-Dec-10

working properly

dulanja on 09:28 AM, 01-Feb-11

how 2 dwnld dic?

wimal on 08:04 AM, 02-Feb-11

get me

saman on 08:04 AM, 02-Feb-11

ask me

Sumeda on 03:42 PM, 04-Feb-11


sk on 10:23 PM, 17-Mar-11


Pethum on 07:57 PM, 04-Apr-11

Download pls

Pethum on 07:58 PM, 04-Apr-11

Download pls

Kasun on 10:22 AM, 01-May-11

Kohomada download karaganne

Ruwan on 05:41 PM, 19-May-11

Mata download karaganna ona.

Ruwan on 05:45 PM, 19-May-11

Mata download karaganna ona.

ajithkumara on 11:01 AM, 09-Jun-11

i know you want me

Shanka on 01:55 PM, 09-Jun-11

I don't know how to downlord this dic. Plz tel downlord system

lishanyapa077 on 05:26 AM, 26-Jun-11


Manoj on 01:08 PM, 26-Jun-11

Kohomada download karanne?

Nuwan on 06:30 AM, 28-Jun-11

how to download it?

rumesh on 04:40 PM, 28-Sep-11


majithkumara on 06:13 AM, 17-Jan-12


ajag on 03:08 PM, 16-Jun-12


Asela shri madushan on 04:26 AM, 26-Jun-12

Hw 2 dwnld dis app dear ?

prasanna on 05:25 AM, 26-Aug-12

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otobong on 02:08 PM, 06-Sep-12

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Lahiru Sanchith on 05:22 AM, 24-Apr-13

wow superb wrk mcn

Lahiru Sanchith on 05:38 AM, 24-Apr-13

mcn dwnld kranna link ekak dipan

Lahiru Sanchith on 05:38 AM, 24-Apr-13

mcn dwnld kranna link ekak dipan

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